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Advisory Boards and Committees

Thank you for your interest in Highlands County advisory committees. Citizen participation, by way of community input, advice, and/or recommendations regarding matters brought before the Board of County Commissioners for its consideration, is important in developing Highlands County’s programs/policies and in providing quality public services to the community. This is an opportunity for residents to get involved in an advisory capacity.

Any resident of Highlands County who would like to be considered for appointment to one of the boards, councils, or committees listed on this website should click on "Committee Listings" to view a short description of each committee’s purpose. We recommend that residents research the various advisory boards (listed on this page) for information on committee responsibilities, member eligibility, term length, and the committee’s meeting schedule to determine what time commitment is involved for committee members. To locate a list of committee vacancies and members’ term expirations, residents should either click on “Vacancies and Future Committee Appointments” or click on the specific committee interested in.

The committee appointment process requires the Application for Committee Appointments form to be completed, either online and submitted via e-mail (preferable) or printed and mailed. Additionally, the Policy for Appointed Committees can be accessed at this website. For more information about advisory committees and position openings, please contact:

Michelle Drake, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (863) 402-6517



Construction Licensing Enforcement and Appeals Board
Highlands County Veterans Advisory Committee
Highlands County Industrial Development Authority
Dangerous Dog Hearing Board
Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning and Zoning Commission
Tourist Development Council - Accommodations
Tourist Development Council - Tourist Related
Children Services Council

Highlands County Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee