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Committee Listings

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee 

This advisory committee is being reestablished and all 11 individual member seats are available. This is an 11 member committee created by Ordinance No.93-11 to review the established policies, procedures, ordinances, land development regulations and adopted local comprehensive plan of the county, and recommend specific initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing.                                                   

Board of Adjustment
As per Section 12.03.205 Highlands County Code of Ordinances the board shall have the power and duties to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirements, decision or determination made by the enforcing official.  Terms are 4 years.

Children Services Council
The Children’s Services Council is a standing advisory committee appointed by the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners for the purpose of meeting the needs of children in Highlands County. Its rules of procedure follow the Board of County Commissioners’ Policy on Appointments to Boards and Committees, as amended from time to time.  These include compliance with the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law, the Public Meetings Procedures and the Public Records Law.
The mission of the Children’s Services Council of Highlands County is to enhance the lives of the children in Highlands County and to enable them to attain their full potential by providing a diverse community-wide platform for children’s issues through private/public partnerships.
The purpose of the Children’s Services Council is to identify children in need, recognize gaps in services, and design ways to improve coordination and communication among children’s programs and residents throughout Highlands County.

Construction Licensing, Enforcement and Appeals Board (CLEAB)

The Construction Licensing, Enforcement and Appeals Board (CLEAB) shall have the power to license county qualified contractors and specialty contractors; enforce all state and local laws as related to the construction industry; hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the building official; enforce and interpret the Florida Building Code; hear grievances and complaints; impose disciplinary action upon locally licensed contractors through the powers as set forth by the BCC including, but not limited to, suspension, revocation, fines, and reprimand; hear appeals and enforce the Standard Housing Code; and investigate and forward information to the proper state agencies on suspected violations of F.S. Ch. 489. The board consists of 7 members - appointed for 4 years - composed of 4 contractors, 1 of whom must be a general contractor, 2 members at large from the public, and 1 member at large from the building industry. Alternates shall be one member at large from the building industry and one member at large from the public.


Dangerous Dog Hearing Board

Charge (As per County Code of Ordinances 4.5-28 Ord. No. 97-26 ss 1)) The dangerous dog hearing board shall conduct hearings pursuant to section 4.5-23 of the Code of Ordinances using the procedures established by Division 3 of Article VI of Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances. Once a dog is classified as a dangerous dog by the dangerous dog hearing board, the animal control authority shall provide written notification to the owner by registered mail, certified hand delivery or service, and the owner may file a written request for a hearing in the county court to appeal the classification within ten business days after receipt of a written determination of dangerous dog classification and must confine the dog in a securely fenced or enclosed area pending a resolution of the appeal.


Extension Advisory Council


Health Facilities Authority

Charge (As per 154.209 Florida Statutes) To assist health facilities in the acquisition, construction, financing, and refinancing of projects in any incorporate or unincorporated area within the geographical limits of the local agency. Provides a forum for citizen participation in health care planning and dialogue to address community concerns and problems regarding health care.


Heartland Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

Highlands County Citizen Advisory Task Force (CATF)

 The CATF must be made up of at least five (5) citizens of the unincorporated County and at least fifty-one percent (51%) or three (3) members of those members must be low to Moderate Income determined by an Income Survey attached with the Application. None of the members shall be an elected official of the County and no more than one (1) shall be an employee of Highlands County Government. The purpose of the CATF will be to meet in a public forum and discuss grant options as presented and to provide recommendations to the County Commission and all phases of the local CDBG program. All members of the CATF are subject to Florida Sunshine Laws and serve as volunteers without compensation.

Historic Preservation Commission

Charged (as in Code 5.3-31 (B)) The initial members of the commission shall be appointed by the board of county commissioners for staggered terms: 4 professionals, 3 lay members for four year terms.


Hospital District Board

Charge (As per Chapter 61-2232, Laws of Florida) Members appointed by BCC for 4-year terms.


Industrial Development Authority-Economic Development Commission (IDA-EDC)

Charge (As per Section 159.45 Florida Statutes) Each of the authorities is constituted as a public instrumentality for the purposes of industrial development, and the exercise by an authority of the powers conferred by ss. 159.44-159.53 shall be deemed and held to be the performance of an essential public purpose and function.


Insurance Committee

To review existing and proposed group health insurance issues and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners for a fair and effective employee health plan.


Lake Istokpoga Management Committee

Address Lake Istokpoga management and provide public comment to the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners, the Lake Istokpoga Team Effort Accomplishing Management (TEAM) and other responsible entities regarding issues such as exotic plant management, aquatic habitat enhancement, water level regulation and lake restoration.The Lake Istokpoga Fish Management Area Agreement between the Highlands County BCC and the Fla. Game & Freshwater Fish Comm. Calls for the formation of a Lake Istokpoga Management Committee. The committee will A address comprehensive lake management issues such as exotic management, aquatic habitat enhancement, water level regulation and lake restoration.


Local Mitigation Strategy Workgroup

As per ( Section 409 of Public Law 100-707 (The Stafford Act)) To develop policies and procedures that will permanently reduce the risk of future losses. It serves as a bridge between local growth and emergency plans, land development regulations, building codes and other ordinances No expiration of terms - appointed by local governments.


Natural Resources Advisory Commission (NRAC)

NRAC's mission shall be to provide advice to the Board of County Commissioners regarding natural resource and environmental issues which affect the implementation and amendment of the Highlands County Comprehensive Plan. Natural resources include but are not limited to: soil and minerals, air, surface and groundwater and species and natural communities.


Planning and Zoning Commission /Local Planning Agency

As per Section 12.03.301 Highlands County Code of Ordinances the P&Z shall serve in an advisory capacity to the county commission and may make such studies and investigations as may be required by the county commission or which the planning and zoning commission may deem necessary.  Made up of 7 qualified electors of the county plus 3 alternatives to serve in the absence of the regular members.


Professional Services Acquisition Committee

As per (FS 287.055) Professional services means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of the state, or those performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper in connection with his or her professional employment or practice.

Public Safety Coordinating Council

As per (FS 951.26) Assess the population status of all detention or correctional facilities owned or contracted by the County, or the county consortium and formulating recommendations to ensure that the capacities of such facilities are not exceeded. Such recommendations shall include an assessment of the availability of pretrial intervention or probation programs, work-release programs, substance abuse programs, gain-time schedules, applicable bail bond schedules, and confinement status of the inmates housed within each facility The PSCC shall consist of: state attorney, public defender, chief circuit judge, chief county judge, correctional officer, sheriff, state probation circuit administrator, county commissioner, pretrial release, director of local substance abuse treatment program, representatives from county and state jobs programs and other community groups who work with offenders and victims, chairperson will be the county commissioner.

Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee (RPAC)
The purpose of this Committee is to identify the recreation constituencies using community resources; identify the community resources being used; identify resources that the Committee recommends for the development; identify new revenue sources associated with recreation activity; assist constituency groups to develop data to support funding requests; and to act as an advisory entity for the governmental agencies within Highlands County on recreation matters.

Tourist Development Council

Develop plans for tourist development; make recommendations for operation of special projects or for uses of tax revenue; Reviews expenditures of revenue from development trust fund. The committee meets the last Thursday of every month at the Commissioners Board room located at 600 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring, FL 33870.


Veteran Services Advisory Board

The Highlands County Veteran Services Advisory Board, (Advisory Board) appointed by the Highlands County Board of County Commissioners in January 2001, is established as a veteran community based support group, organized to promote, advocate and support veteran community-wide decision-making agendas and to improve communication within our veteran community.