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The Road and Bridge Departments mission is to proficiently maintain and repair approximately 1,198 miles of paved (988) and unpaved (210) roadways with drainage, approximately 40 bridges, 28 miles of sidewalks and 5.74 miles of guardrails to deliver a safe and dependable transportation network.

W. Kyle Green, Road and Bridge Superintendent



The Road and Bridge Department strives to provide maintenance and repair for all County Roadways, which include but is not limited to construction, roadway repair, shoulder maintenance, culvert maintenance and replacements, grading of unpaved roads, sidewalk maintenance, right-of-way mowing, ditch cleaning, tree trimming/removal, herbicide application. Road and Bridge personnel are branched out at three separate unit locations (UNIT 1 in Avon Park, UNIT 2 in Sebring, and UNIT 3 in Lake Placid) to conveniently assist citizens when needed.

The Department is also responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the Highlands County Asphalt Plant. Recycled materials such as ground roofing shingles and recycled asphalt pavement make up a portion of the recycled asphalt pavement mix designs. In addition, methane gas from the County Landfill is used as an alternative fuel source at the Asphalt Plant. 

Approximately 900 County fleet vehicles and equipment are maintained by the Fleet Maintenance Shop. The departments objective is to administer proficient delivery of County fleet services by providing County agencies with safe, dependable, economically and environmentally sound transportation and equipment. A component of Fleet Maintenance is the central warehouse facility. The Central Warehouse maintains stock control and issues materials as requested along with the responsibility of acquiring and dispensing of gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil products to County fuel sites.

The Department oversees the operation of the Highlands County Shell pit, located in Charlotte County, as well as the Highlands County Marl Pit located on Clark Road. These two mining operations provide the material needed for road construction projects within Highlands County.

The Road and Bridge Department has recently incorporated Invasive Plant Management and Natural Resources. Additional information regarding the two departments can be accessed from the menu provided.