Public Information

Gloria Rybinski, Public Information Officer

Email: grybinsk@hcbcc.org

600 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring Florida

Phone: (863) 402-6833 Fax: (863) 402-6835


The Ultimate Challenge of any public information office is to convert passive consumers of public services into responsible, supportive citizens. This department does that by creating and distributing accurate messages about county government via the web, print media, and through one-on-one interactions with constituents.

The Public Information Department is committed to unfettered communication between county staff, elected officials, and the citizenry. The Public Information Department is charged with four primary duties: promoting county services, managing public records, liaising with the media, and acting as the single source of qualified information during a disaster.

By using various marketing techniques, the Public Information Department hopes to make it easier to be informed and stay involved.