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Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department is in charge of a variety of County activities related to protection and management of the County’s fragile natural resources.  Highlands County is home to some of the last remaining scrub habitat on the Lake Wales Ridge, ancient islands that contain more than 40 state and federally listed endangered species, which is the 11th  highest total for any County in the nation. 

The department is dedicated in assisting citizens to conserve, improve and sustain the natural resources and the environment of Highlands County. In coordination and cooperation with State and Federal environmental agencies, the Natural Resources department provide leadership to help people conserve, improve and sustain the natural resources and environment of Highlands County. 




Information on Permits for Docks, Boat Lifts & Seawalls 
Fish kill hotline 800-636-0511, 
Trophycatch facebook page,
County & State Ordinances against dumping yard waste. Residents of Erin Park and Little Lake Jackson