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Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

David Nitz, OMB Manager


600 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring, FL 33870

Phone: (863) 402-6520  Fax: (863) 402-6507

The Office of Management and Budget is charged with preparing and submitting an operating budget to the Board of County Commissioners for all county operations outside the school board and other constitutional offices. This budget must be prepared according to Florida Statutes Chapter 129 and adopted under "TRIM" legislation requirements.  Additionally, the OMB Director oversees the preparation and maintenance of the Non-Ad Valorem assessment roll. The OMB office tracks all county spending, guaranteeing cost control measures are in place, resources are used wisely and within the confines of the law.

FY 18-19 Fee Schedule Final



(Capital Financial Strategy) 



FY 18-19 Adopted  FY 18-19 Adopted  
FY 17-18 Adopted FY 17-18 Adopted FY 16-17 
FY 16-17 Adopted  FY 16-17 Adopted FY 15-16
FY 15-16 Adopted  FY 15-16 Adopted FY  14-15
FY 14-15 Adopted  FY 14-15 Adopted FY  13-14
 FY 13-14 Adopted  FY 13-14 Adopted FY 12-13
 FY 12-13 Adopted  FY 12-13 Adopted FY 11-12
 FY 11-12 Adopted  FY 11-12 Adopted FY 10-11 
 FY 10-11 Adopted  FY 10-11 Adopted FY 09-10
 FY 09-10 Adopted  FY 09-10 Adopted FY 08-09 
 FY 08-09 Adopted  FY 08-09 Adopted FY 07-08 and Older